ZIPS Management Structure

The Supreme Authority of the Institute is the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Council implements AGM resolutions through Management headed by the Executive Director. The AGM is comprised of paid up members and students but only fully paid up corporate members have a right to vote at these meetings. 


The highest authority of the Institute is The Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place once every year. This meeting comprises of members and only corporate members are allowed to vote at these gatherings. The AGM held after three years ensures elections are held for a new council and only corporate members are qualified to stand in these elections.   


The council comprises four elected Executive Members vis: The President, Two Vice Presidents for Northern and Southern Regions, and The National Treasurer. The others are nominated by the Ministry of Finance, The Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZCCI) The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) a representative of the Zambia Public Procurement Authority, One other person nominated by the ZIPS Council, a representative of the Zambia Federation of Employers and the Executive Director as Secretary.

About Us

The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply was established by an Act of Parliament No.15 of 2003 on 20th September, 2003. This Act is now, referred to, as the Government of the Republic of Zambia principal national policy on Procurement and Supply Management. The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply is now a Regulatory body on Purchasing and Supply Management Profession in Zambia.See details


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