As part of the 2017 to 2019 Strategic Plan one of the requirements is to improve the operations at the Secretariat is through improved service delivery.


We are pleased to inform the ZIPS Community that 12 ZIPS Members of Staff drawn from Head Office, and the Northern and Southern Regional Offices (see details below), were on Wednesday 30th January 2019 trained on ‘Effective Customer Service Delivery’.


This training was undertaken by renowned training firm, TopFloor and was done in order to improve Service delivery in carrying out the mandate and function of the Institute.


Key elements of the training touched on how to build long term relationship with customers and provided tools for effective management of customer relationships.


Upon undergoing this important training, ZIPS members and the corporate world are expected to experience an improved and better service delivery from ZIPS staff. 


There is a famous saying by Warren Buffet that says “It takes 20 years to build a reputation but just five minutes to ruin it,”  This quote effectively addresses the importance of keeping ZIPS members and the corporate world happy and satisfied.


ZIPS management realises that Customer service is at the heart of a business and in line with our vision of being A Nation of Supply Excellence we hope with this training our staff will provide an exceptional service leaving you the customer satisfied, feeling valued and respected.


We wish our staff to with their newly acquired skills immediately implement them and make our members engagement with ZIPS offices an enjoyable and memorable experience


Attached picture for ZIPS Staff. From right to left. Henry Lukwesa –Compliance and Membership Officers, Everistor Chifita - Driver, Leonard Libila Finance Officer, Alice Mulenga – Northern Region Administrative Office, Mercy Kaluba, Office Assistant, Mary Kamamanya – Administrative Officer (Head office), Benjamin Musenge – Compliance and Membership Officer, Lillian – Office Assistant, Carol Sinkala – Procurement Officer, Raphael Chimbaya – Transport Officer, Millner Nyambe – Southern Region Administrative Office  and Nicholas Makumba ICT Officer


Issued by ZIPS Secretariat

31st January 2019


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