ZIPS Accredited Institutions

Currently all prospective candidates can access tuition on full time only from prospective education providers, and those already affiliated to the Institute. The following are the ZIPS accredited institutions

1.    Evelyn Hone College

2.    Livingstone Institute of Business and Engineering Studies (LIBES)

3.    Lusaka Business TechnicalCollege (LBTC)

4.    Lusaka Open Business College

5.    Zambia Institute of Management (ZAMIM)

6.    National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA)


About Us

The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply was established by an Act of Parliament No.15 of 2003 on 20th September, 2003. This Act is now, referred to, as the Government of the Republic of Zambia principal national policy on Procurement and Supply Management. The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply is now a Regulatory body on Purchasing and Supply Management Profession in Zambia.See details


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